Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Story of a Girl

That Girl
Who was once so talkative
Has now become more passive
That Girl
Who was once so brave and outspoken
Has now become a coward and more silent
That girl who was once so bright and confident
Has always cried when a problem appeared so sudden

One day,
She thought that she had found love
The love that brought happiness and butterflies in the stomach all over
The love that made her so secure like no one could ever barge in
The love that felt almost perfect, where you can dream all day and not getting bored

But as she grew older
She had discovered that,
There is a bigger purpose of living
Rather than just dating and enjoying
Life is not about dreaming on about your cinderella story
but life is, to please the One that has given LIFE to you
Not the typical life that lovers usually compliment each other when they are madly in love
But this life, was given by the creator of all humans, creator of all creatures
Life is not about plainly doing good deeds and expecting rewards from Him
But life is more to that.
To seek for His pleasure, rahmat, and mardhatillah.

Every day is a new start :)


Assalamualaikum. This blog existed a few years ago. When I started writing on this blog, I had to admit that I had written a bunch of immature, and emotional posts. I am not good at writing, especially essays, be it english or bm. seriously, and, Im not fond of writing. But now, I have decided to start writing back . Maybe a way to improve my writing skills by writing here, in my blog. This semester, I had taken the subject, academic writing skills, which is the subject I least fond of, but the subject i loved to attend the most because I just love English and English teachers and lectures are always fun :) I hope I can write more academically, rather than just whining and complaining . and this is perhaps one of my medium of sharing beneficial things apart from facebook and twitter. :) Doesn't matter if there will be any readers or not, like I said, this is one way of me improving my writing skills. Wallahu 'alam :)