Thursday, July 4, 2013

Every day is a new start :)


Assalamualaikum. This blog existed a few years ago. When I started writing on this blog, I had to admit that I had written a bunch of immature, and emotional posts. I am not good at writing, especially essays, be it english or bm. seriously, and, Im not fond of writing. But now, I have decided to start writing back . Maybe a way to improve my writing skills by writing here, in my blog. This semester, I had taken the subject, academic writing skills, which is the subject I least fond of, but the subject i loved to attend the most because I just love English and English teachers and lectures are always fun :) I hope I can write more academically, rather than just whining and complaining . and this is perhaps one of my medium of sharing beneficial things apart from facebook and twitter. :) Doesn't matter if there will be any readers or not, like I said, this is one way of me improving my writing skills. Wallahu 'alam :)